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Frequently Asked Questions
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Each tour starts and ends at specific, published locations. It is your responsibility for travel to and from these locations, which are typically hotels that have shuttle services to and from the airports. We will provide you with the necessary information for you to get to the hotels. The cost of hotels the night before a tour start is usually included in the tour cost. Hotels on the last night may not be included, based on the availability of flights out of town.
Bike transport to the start
We will notify you of any special arrangements we have made for your specific tour. There are several ways to get your bike to the start of the tour.
  • Using airline boxes and taking with you on your flight.
  • Using specific bike travel boxes and taking on the plane.
  • Shipping directly to the hotel we start from.
  • Shipping to local bike shops.

If you are unfamiliar with shipping your bike or have any questions, call us. Various charges apply when taking your bike on airlines and there are box size restrictions when using UPS or FedEx. Bike shops will charge for receiving and assembling bikes.

Tours go on in spite of rain.
We expect all participants to be in suitable condition to complete the trip. You should train appropriately for the tour you sign up for, which typically means working yourself up to being capable of riding at least three consecutive days of 50-60 miles comfortably.
Bicycle Maintenance
Your bicycle should be in a good state of repair and adjustment. If you are having any work done on your bike, make sure to do it at least two weeks prior to the tour and ride at least 100 miles after the work is performed. You will be expected to take care of your own bike during the tour as there may or may not be bicycle shops available where you need them. We will have a basic tool kit in the sag, but you will need to be able to repair tires and make on-road adjustments to keep you going. If you do have a major breakdown, the sag will be able to pick you up, however you may have to wait a while as the sag will not be sweeping the route during the day. It will be equipped with a cell phone.
Tour Guides
There will be two tour guides riding with you and sharing the van driving with you.
Detailed maps and information about other points of interest will be provided. Each day we will review the route and discuss the day's events, lunch stops or points of interest.
Sag Vehicle
A sag vehicle will be provided to carry luggage between hotels. Driving will be shared by all participants as equally as possible. The sag will not necessarily be sweeping the course during the day as the driver(s) have the option of driving to the hotel and riding back from there to meet the group. It is each persons responsibility to load and unload their own luggage, not the driver's.
What is included ?
  • Sag vehicle for luggage transport
  • Daily maps and itineraries
  • Overnight accommodations as listed
  • Costs for special activities listed
  • Afternoon refreshments
What is not included ?
  • Travel to and from the start and finish
  • Meals (except as noted)
  • Bicycle
Our customers
Our customers are generally experienced cyclists, meaning they are comfortable riding in small groups in remote areas and occasionally alone. Map reading skills are essential. They have well-maintained bicycles and basic maintenance skills, so a flat tire or small adjustment to their bicycle on the road will not prevent them from arriving safely at the evening's destination.
You provide your own bicycles for the tours. Both singles and tandems are welcome.
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